Floor Sanding - Elite Flooring

When it comes to restoring your hardwood floors we are the experts. Simply have your timber floors sanded and re-coated to make them look new again.

The idea that your whole house is going to covered in dust is a common misconception. Our floor sanding teams use quality equipment which produce a minimal amount of dust. Not only do these machines produce very little dust but you will also get a top quality finish.

There will always be a small amount of dust present once the job is completed. We take all measures possible to reduce the dust, from equipment to vacuuming and dusting the affected area afterwards.


If any tradesman tells you that they can eliminate dust completely I would be very skeptical – it just simply is not possible.

The bag that dust is collected in has to have a limited amount of airflow through it due to the vacuum pumping huge amounts of air into the bag along with the dust – for that reason some dust will escape.